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    Inside the pavilion is a long table embedded with exhibits and audio stations telling the stories of people who are either experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, along with excerpts from data sets, state reports, urban theory, poetry, and literature.

    Working with New Haven-based homeless services provider Columbus House, students from the Yale School of Architecture designed an interactive pavilion that will be featured at this year’s festival together with an exhibition of student work in the YSoA architecture gallery showing proposals for affordable two-unit dwellings.

    “The built environment affects us all, and it is our belief that architects and designers have an important role to play in addressing many of the most vexing issues of our time, including the shortage of affordable housing and making our cities more inclusive," states Deborah Berke, Dean of the YSoA.

    The pavilion is open to the public 10AM - 4PM through June 24, and the exhibition will be on display Monday-Friday, 9AM - 5PM, and Saturday, 10AM - 5PM. through Aug. 12 at the YSoA gallery, 180 York St.

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                                  This post is brought to you by PPI.

    Seventeen US architecture schools now offer their students a faster track to becoming an architect; NCARB’s Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL).  Students in IPAL programs will document the same number of hours of work experience, pass the same exams, and earn the same architecture degree as their non-accelerated counterparts – but they will have the opportunity to accomplish all of this before they graduate from college.  

    California leads the way, with three participating institutions (New School of Architecture and Design, University of Southern California and Woodbury University), but IPAL is making an impact in architecture schools from coast to coast, and NCARB has pledged to work with state licensing boards to increase the number of jurisdictions which will accept this alternative to the traditional sequence of school, then work, then testing.

    Typically, architectural training begins with graduati...

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    Classical revival is perhaps the architectural style most identified with colonization. This building, which references Washington architecture, is a building of formal rooms, offices, and hierarchies, echoing structures of European authority.

    This June the federal government announced that the US' former embassy building in Ottawa will become a space dedicated to Inuit, Métis and First Nations communities which the task force of the RAIC finds to be a deeply inappropriate space for an Indigenous Centre.

    "Canada's Indigenous communities have, for too long, been forced into leftover spaces that fail to connect in any meaningful way to their cultures and unique connectivity to place"says the task force, composed of about 30 mostly Indigenous architects, architectural students, interns and academics.

    Dr. Patrick Stewart, the chair of the task force suggests that the federal government should provide capital dollars for the design and construction of a structure based upon Indigenous knowledge and through the use of Indigenous architects.

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    The American architect – part of the New York Five and one of the city’s most iconic modernists – talks to Port about his body of work and branching out from his beloved colour white

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    With reversals in US climate policy underway and a US exit from the Paris Agreement announced for 2020, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the clean energy transition is already underway. The potentially exponential forces of market transformation that this transition could release offer real, economics-based cause for hope for the future of the planet.

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    According to research from 2015, between 35-38% of people do some, if not all, work from home. And, even back in 2009, a study found that 1 in 5 spent two to ten hours working from bed. In short, the way we work and live is changing, as many ditch (or have to ditch) the commuter express for their bedrooms. While Walter Benjamin said of the 19th century, “for the private citizen, for the first time the living-space became distinguished from the place of work,” in the 21st, that distinction is blurring once more. Alongside this, the split between the urban, as loci of labor, and the rural or suburban, as retreat, is complicated.

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    Design services at architecture firms continue to project a healthy disposition on the construction industry as the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) recorded the fourth consecutive month of growth. [...] (AIA) reported the May ABI score was 53.0, up from a score of 50.9 in the previous month. This score reflects an increase in design services (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings).

    “The fact that the data surrounding both new project inquiries and design contracts have remained positive every month this year, while reaching their highest scores for the year, is a good indication that both the architecture and construction sectors will remain healthy for the foreseeable future,” AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, Hon. AIA, PhD. “This growth hasn’t been an overnight escalation, but rather a steady, stable increase.”

    The AIA reports these key ABI stats for the month of May:

    • Regional averages: South (56.1), West (52.3), Midwest (50.4), Northeast (46.5)
    • Sector index breakdown: mixed practice (55.8), multi-family residential (51.3), commercial / industrial (51.2), institutional (51.2)
    • Project inquiries index: 62.4
    • Design contracts index: 54.8

    All graphs represent data from May 2016 - May 2017. Images provided by the American Institute of Architects.

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    Now, Hammond has embarked on a new project: the High Line Network, an organization, which just launched a brand new website. Its aim? To help cities working on their industrial adaptive reuse projects learn from the High Line’s stumbles–and from each other.

    In many ways, the High Line has been an undeniable success. Phenomenally popular, it has become one of the leading attractions in New York and has brought about a massive wave of development to the area. The flip side of this however, if not yet obvious, is that the project has also been lodged with complaints of spurring gentrification in the surrounding neighborhoods and has become emblematic of the widening class divide existing in the city. 

    Many of those involved in its creation have begun to express some remorse over the unintended consequences that have come about from the adaptive reuse project. With new variations on the idea popping up, from Seoul's new Skygarden to MAD's repurposing of dilapidated rail yards in MIlan, Robert Hammond, one of the founders of Friends of the High Line, has embarked on a new project, the High Line Network. The goal of the organization is to create a platform for new infrastructural re-use projects to share information so that they can avoid so...

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    As the country’s crime rate and prison population have steadily declined for years, dozens of correctional facilities have closed altogether. So when the number of migrants started to rise—more than 50,000 entered the Netherlands last year alone—the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) saw a solution.

    Many prisons in the Netherlands have been repurposed to house refugees who are waiting to be granted asylum status, a process that usually takes at least six months. Free to come and go as they please, the refugees are not allowed to work but are encouraged to learn Dutch and build connections with the surrounding community.

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    The 2017 RIBA Awards cycle continues! Advancing from the 2017 London Awards, 49 stunning projects throughout the UK have just been announced as winners in the 2017 National Awards for architecture, which distinguishes the UK's most outstanding buildings and offers insight into construction, design, and investment trends in the country.

    This year's winners include a variety of projects like the Tate Modern's Blavatnik Building, the British Airways i360 — dubbed as the world's first “vertical pier”, the Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat Centre, and the transformative Leicester Cathedral's Richard III Project “With Dignity and Honour”, to name a few.

    In regards to design trends with this year's winners, RIBA President Jane Duncan commented on the ongoing prominence of brick as a building material, as well as the increasing use of timber. She also pointed out certain exemplary housing and education projects that more cities should model. “Silchester and Ponders End are both great examples of e...

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    Confined in Utah’s Mars Desert Research habitat for three days—habitat diameter: 33 feet—the five-person team experienced the cramped living quarters and zero-waste living necessary to survive a journey to outer space.

    Designers from IKEA are exploring space-saving solutions for tiny homes by living in an actual Mars research station. During the immersion workshop led by Constance Adams, NASA architect behind the habitat for the first human mission to Mars, the team examines the ways in which astronauts' insight could be translated to innovative furniture solutions for dense urban environments.

    “My dream outcome will be to solve the biggest problem on earth…storage,” said IKEA’s head of design, Marcus Engman. “How could you design storage in a completely new way?”

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    Zaans Medical Centre is the first lean hospital in the Netherlands. It is an efficient and compact building in which professional healthcare and a personal approach strengthen each other. Architecture, urbanism, landscape and interior are brought together in a coherent design. Clear routing, an abundance of daylight, and positive distractions contribute to an environment that does not feel like a hospital, but as a place that promotes wellbeing. The clear stacking of two floors of outpatient clinics, two floors of clinical departments and a flexible facility layer between them, optimally serves these primary care processes. All departments are designed to prevent any form of waste. Whenever possible, the outpatient clinics and nursing departments are standardised, allowing for exchangeability and adaptability. The Zaans Medical Centre is therefore flexible and future-proof.

    The patient experience played a crucial role in the design process. Positive distractions can reduce the stres...

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    “It would be quite fun to be on Mars because you would have gravity that is about 37% of that of Earth, so you would be able to lift heavy things and bound around,” [Elon Musk] adds, predicting that journey times could eventually be cut to 30 days.

    Aside from the money, specific technology, and solid timeframe, Elon Musk has figured out a way to get to Mars. The colonization plan, which is designed to place about 1 million people on the planet in 40-100 years using a yet-to-be constructed ship that would carry 100 passengers per trip, needs more financial backers before Musk can definitively settle on a launch date. Many scientists have objected to the plan on various technological grounds, although one brought up the problem of potentially contaminating alien life forms:

    Prof Andrew Coates, who works on the ExoMars rover at University College London’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory, said that the question of whether present or past life existed on Mars needed to be answered before a manned mission, which could contaminate the surface, could be considered. “There’s a moral imperative to keep Mars as it is for the moment. Until we’ve conclusively answered that question we should keep our feet on the ground ... going there wou...

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    As the founder of PAU, Vishaan Chakrabarti is an architect and urban planner who considers every aspect of the city with foresight, but isn't as concerned with the culture of celebrity that has often dominated the profession. "Calling oneself a humanist over the last couple of decades was a real no-no," he explains via phone. "You're supposed to be a bad-boy, cape-wearing starchitect." He purposefully did not name the firm after himself in order to place emphasis on intelligent discussion, not hierarchy. Although he's excited about taking on more projects, he never wants PAU to grow beyond roughly 30 employees so that he will always know everyone in his office.

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    The Fundació Mies van der Rohe has launched an app so that anyone with a mobile phone can find on a map, and visit, the nominated works of this year's European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. The app suggests routes for visiting the sites and even allows it's users to propose new ones. The cities of Berlin, London, Dublin, Paris and Barcelona, in addition to displaying the 2017 nominations, have also included works nominated in past editions of the award. 

    For Android, the app can be downloaded here.
    and for iPhone, here.

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    Looking for a job? Archinect's Employer of the Day Weekly Round-Up can help start off your hunt amid the hundreds of active listings on our job board. If you've been following the feature on our FacebookEmployer of the Day is where we highlight active employers and showcase a gallery of their work.

    In case you missed them, here are some of the latest EOTD-featured firms.

    1. Eight Inc. (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    Image credit: Eight Inc.

    Related feature: How To Get A Job At: Eight Inc.

    2. Gluckman Smith Architects (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Project Architect

    Image credit: Gluckman Smith Architects

    3. Montalba Architects (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    Image credit: Montalba Architects

    4.Berliner Architects (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    Image credit: Berliner Architects

    5. Clark Richardson & Biskup (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    Image credit: CRB

    Keep track of Employer of the Day by f...

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    Turning iconicity on its head, MVRDV have designed a striking building that purposefully refuses easy categorization. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed, the Baltyk Tower seems to assume different forms, a look that is achieved by a series of scenic terraces and a rippling glass-fronted concrete facade.

    Image: MVRDV

    Image: MVRDV

    From one angle, the tower appears to be svelte, a compact wedge on Poznan, Poland's streets. However, from another perspective the tower broadens and becomes a kind of gigantic civic staircase. Regardless of where one views the building, the inventive facade gives the structure a dynamic, shifting quality. 

    Image: MVRDV

    Image: MVRDV

    As MVRDV co-founder Nathalie de Vries explains, “When we came to Poznań for the first time, the goal was clear: we were to realize an office building with public functions on the first two layers and at the top. But also that offered a range of amenities for the community and general public. We realised if we could control...

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    For those of you in the Los Angeles area, you are already aware of the Arroyo Seco Weekend music festival, taking place in Pasadena this weekend. The festival is a new event hosted by the same people that run Coachella, Desert Trip, and other amazing art/music/culture events. 

    For this inaugural festival, Archinect has teamed up with Jimenez Lai/Bureau Spectacular. Hosted by Archinect's Paul Petrunia and Nicholas Korody, we will be running our 5th Next Up podcasting event inside of Bureau Spectacular's project "Field House." 

    If you're coming to the festival, come by and say hi, or pull up a blanket and stick around for a few to listen to our conversations. 

    Lineup & Schedule
    • Mimi Zeiger: 1 PM
      Mimi Zeiger is a Los Angeles-based critic, editor and curator that has covered art, architecture, urbanism and design for a number of publications including The New York Times, Domus, Architectural Review, and Architect. She is also author of New Museums, Tiny Houses, Micro Green: Tiny Houses i...

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    Docomomo US' Modernism in America Awards recently concluded another successful competition for 2017. Established to raise awareness of the importance in preserving America's postwar-era architecture, the awards competition is yet another reminder of the lasting impact that effective architectural preservation has to communities throughout the country. As the only national competition of its kind, the Modernism in America Awards honor exemplary preservation and advocacy projects as well as the individuals behind them.

    Out of the nine winning projects, five received Awards of Excellence and four projects were presented with Citations of Merit in preservation. Awards will be presented at the Design Within Reach Third Avenue Studio in New York City on October 6.

    Check out this year's winners below.

    Awards of Excellence

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    Featuring a talk by Dr. Ann Rubbo on the artist and architect Marion Mahony Griffin, this screening of "A Girl is a Fellow Here: 100 Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright" at the Center for Architecture in New York on June 28th at 6 p.m. investigates Wright's history of working with women, focusing on six ladies who worked with the architect, including Marion Mahony Griffin, Isabel Roberts, Lois Gottlieb, Jane Duncombe, Eleanore Pettersen, and Read Weber. Here's a trailer for the film:

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    “We forgot about buildings,” claims Dora Epstein Jones in this provocative essay for The Building, a new volume edited by José Aragüez and published by Lars Müller, featured here as part of Archinect’s recurring series Screen/Print.

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    We have had so many fantastic applications over the past month we have extended the deadline for entries to June 26th, 2017 at 11:59 pm (BST). Make sure you apply this weekend if you haven't already. 

    Portfolios take a lot of effort and can be a hard thing to master so we have gathered a prestigious group of judges with years of industry insight and hiring experience in addition to extensive knowledge in architecture, interiors, landscape and urban designer.

    The judges will be choosing the top three entries from each category as well as providing feedback for the final six. Winners will receive a high quality printed copy of their portfolio by Beswick Print Solutions as well as a selection of books from Lawrence King Publishing alongside a personalised digital rosette for their CV, portfolio, and website. 

    Keep an eye out for updates and do come along and join us at the awards ceremony on Friday 14th July, at The Old Truman Brewery. Interior Educators and Archinect UK will be hostin...

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    The effort to convert the old Penn Central rail yard on the Far West Side of Manhattan into high-rises has bumped along since being proposed in the mid-1970s by a developer named Donald J. Trump. What was proposed for the area often rankled neighbors, who found the buildings to be too tall, too close together and too pricey. But, after welcoming its first residents in the late 1990s, the controversial mega-project is entering its homestretch.

    The site includes buildings by architects like Richard Meier and the soon-too-be-completed Three Waterline Square by Rafael Viñoly.

    While Donald Trump is no longer the landlord, his name still appears on façades.

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    Almost 20 years since Frank Gehry’s $100m titanium-clad Guggenheim Bilbao opened, another city on Spain’s north coast is getting a major contemporary art centre designed by an internationally acclaimed “starchitect”.

    Renzo Piano's first big commission in Spain, The Centro Botín, is opening today. The architect claims that its comparisons with the museum that became a model for culture-driven regeneration schemes worldwide are too simplistic. According the president of the Fundación Botín’s visual arts committee, Vicente Todolí, the center's primary mission is to serve the local community by providing the city with appropriate cultural infrastructure.

    The 10,300 sq. m building is covered in thousands of light-diffusing ceramic tiles, prioritizing "luminosity and lightness" and making it almost invisible from the city center. Split into two, the structure houses 2,500 sq. m of galleries and a 300-seat auditorium respectively. (This compares to around 11,000 sq. m of exhibition space across 19 galleries at the Guggenheim Bilbao.) With vast amount of green space around, the museum is raised on four-meter pillars to preserve the views of the waterfront.

    Renzo Piano’s Centro Botín arts centre. Photogr...

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    In more RIBA announcements, the longlist for the 2017 House of the Year Award was revealed today. Established in 2001 as the Manser Medal, the UK's most prestigious award for housing design distinguishes a new home or home extension for stellar architectural design. Over the last few years, previous winners include the Murphy House by Richard Murphy Architects (2016), Skene Catling de la Peña's Flint House (2015), Loyn & Co for Stormy Castle (2014), and the Slip House by Carl Turner Architects (2013).

    So which projects are still in the competition? From a self-build treehouse in Dorset to a cork-clad vacation home, this year's longlist features 20 stunning abodes throughout the UK. (You may recognize a few of them from the 2017 RIBA National Awards.) Check out the list below.

    RIBA will announce the 2017 shortlist and grand prize winner this fall.

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    For Skid Row Housing Trust, a nonprofit developer in Los Angeles that builds housing for LA’s homeless population, good design is a basic civil right. Understanding that the environment plays a vital role in their residents’ recovery, the organization consistently teams up with renowned architectural firms such as Michael Maltzan Architecture and Brooks+Scarpa to design buildings for the homeless that stand out.

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    In case you haven't checked out Archinect's Pinterest boards in a while, we have compiled ten recently pinned images from outstanding projects on various Archinect Firm and People profiles.

    (Tip: use the handy FOLLOW feature to easily keep up-to-date with all your favorite Archinect profiles!)

    Today's top images (in no particular order) are from the board Kids Spaces.

    Burntwood School in London, UK by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)

    Broxholm Road in London, UK by Selencky///Parsons

    SANDBOXING in Dallas, TX by DSGN AGNC (Quilian Riano, Designer), New Cities Future Ruins (Gavin Kroeber, Curator), Ash Studio (Fabrication)

    Hummingbird House Children's Hospice in Brisbane, Australia by ThomsonAdsett; Photo: Alicia Taylor

    The Boa Constrictor in the Children's Grand Park-Touch the Story Project in Seoul, South Korea by studio_GAON

    Cheetah Mobile global office headquarters in Beijing, China by IDEAL Design & Construction

    Chelsea Eco Duplex in New York, NY by Wunderground a...

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    Spotted by The Mercury News, it’s designed for “densely populated” areas. The tower allows drones to fly in and out, acting like a giant beehive, with robotic arms that help snatch them out of the sky. Inside, the core features layers of spokes around one central hub. The spokes are specialized for various purposes, like repairing the drones, or loading them with goods.

    Amazon has been experimenting with the use of delivery drones for some time now though this approach to shipping has yet to take off for the e-commerce giant. As they continue testing this prospective delivery method, it is clear the retailer takes the particular vision quite seriously. On Thursday, the company filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a drone tower that would essentially be a multi-level fulfillment center for unmanned aerial vehicles.

    United States Patent OfficeUnited States Patent Office

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    Potential employers don’t pose design challenges with the expectation that you blow them away with your ingenuity or clever solutions. They want to see if you ask probing questions that uncover constraints, or if you rush to the whiteboard without deeper understanding.

    Design challenges are often used by companies to asses potential employees’ problem solving skills. This Google interview challenge in particular seems to have captivated the design community

    How do you design an interface for a 1000 floor elevator?

    Dozens of designers around the world have attempted solving the problem by designing elevator's interface. They've all failed because of presuming too many variables—the user, the environment, the purpose... The answer to the question is that there is simply not enough information provided.

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    Planning practitioners have not always used the planning theory in practice as they have been drawn to the existing conflicting interests and a more practical learning by doing method in relation to the world. The amount of theoretical approaches is wide and is usually reflected by the professional background of thematic specialization. The society is constantly changing and evolving through time depending on several aspects.

    It is essential to ask if planners have to stridently follow the norms in the society or if we actively should critically adapt and reinvent planning practice based on experiences evolving along planning process?  

    Numerous of understandings and perspectives on best-practice planning

    Allmendinger argues for several basic principles on theories. The theories will always be based on a normative adaption related to the values and applied within a social or historical context. He argues furthermore, that the social and historical context cannot remove the princip...